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Rock Power for Girls' Mission

Guitar Girl

Rock music is the blues, hip hop, punk, rap, ska, rock, reggae, heavy metal, jazz, and many other musical truths.

Our rock power nonprofit embraces a national, self-sustaining music revolution in the heart of every individual who participates. Seizing upon the powerful influence of rock music on popular culture, participants secure a sense of entitlement to their own youth culture through fundamental self-defense skills that translate beyond a cultural context. We engender community-building and daily self-defense skills, autonomy and sociopolitical awareness to create active agents of social change, aggressively challenging sexual violence, racism, their socioeconomic entitlements and physical abilities.

So Turn It Up!

Rock Power for Girls is a nonprofit organization based out of the Pacific NW that actively reaches out to people incorporating rock music into their personal recoveries, political and social activism, school curriculum, and worldviews. Created by the founder of the internationally recognized Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls, Misty McElroy, we are working among revolutionary debris to make our curriculum and self-reliance tools more accessible to more people; this includes traveling to towns and organizing workshops, rock camps, seminars, speaking engagements, and other tailored programs to specifically serve the communities reaching out to us and to those we serve. While our target demographic is girls ages 8-18, we encourage people of all genders and ages to become active agents of social change through our programming and services.

We are the new faces of a new scene.

We are musicians, artists, authors, kids, teenagers, supportive adults, activists and community members.

It's time for a nationwide, youth led sonic rebellion.

We eagerly welcome tax-deductible donations through PayPal! We're all volunteers, so any help with earplugs, gear, stamps and printing costs for grant applications, gas for future tours, or infinite other nonprofit costs would be greatly appreciated and put to immediate use! Thank you for your support.